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Packaging Elixir Applications

Working with elixir can feel euphoric when you’re in the zone. The BEAM VM being built around fault tolerance and inter-process communication that’s exposed to you via abstractions such as GenServer and Task, which are pleasent to work with, means that errors are not more uncommon (such as in Rust) but they shoot you in the foot just as infrequently because a Supervisor will just restart your application instead of throwing itself off a cliff....

February 15, 2023 · 19 min

Anime Reviews

Last Modified: Monday July 3 2023 This is just a table of anime I’ve seen recently enough to rank. They’re ordered from favourite to least (with ones I’m currently watching being listed at the top), but I also gave them a more objective rating…if that’s even possible. Yes, I’m biased. No, you shouldn’t watch Domestic Girlfriend. To explain the “Status” column, those marked with just a season (ex. S2) means I’ve only watched up until that season, and I try to notate in parenthesis if more has come out since....

January 1, 1970 · 19 min

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